Blue Obsidian Tumblestone

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Blue Obsidian is an extremely unique stone when it comes to appearance. Its sea blue/green colour makes this stone incredibly beautiful as well as helpful when it comes to crystal healing.

In the spiritual sense, Blue Obsidian is the gemstone of rooted communication.

Blue Obsidian is also a grounding tool for balancing and healing chakras, i.e., spiritual power. It is also meant to work as an aid to psychic and emotional development.

  • It helps increase the power, faith, and strength of the human soul.
  • It radiates calming, soothing energy to promote healing and wellness of the mind.
  • It stimulates the throat chakra.
  • It empowers you to think boldly and with a clear mind. You will also be able to represent yourself in a structured and accurate manner.
  • It drives away negative energy.


Please note that photos are for reference purposes only and the price is for 1 Tumblestone.  Due to the nature of crystals, all tumble stones will vary slightly in shape, size, weight, colour and pattern.

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