Chakra Healing Wand ~15.6cm long

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The crystals in this wand are as follows;
  • Red Jasper for the root 
  • Carnelian for the sacral 
  • Yellow Calcite for the solar plexus 
  • Green Aventurine for the heart 
  • Blue Howlite for the throat 
  • Lapis Lazuli for the third eye 
  • Amethyst for the crown 

There is also a copper wire wound around inside the wand, as well as gold flakes.

Dimensions: ~15.6cm long. Crown chakra width = ~2cm. Root Chakra width = ~3cm

How do crystal chakra wands work?

Chakra wands are made from crystals that are believed to have healing properties.

Chakra wands have two primary purposes; to scan the body for blockages and heal or strengthen an energy center. They should be used on weak (underactive) chakras.

You might feel the effects of crystal chakra energy healing physically, mentally, or emotionally as blocked chakras can cause ailments in all three areas. For example, using a chakra wand for the heart chakra could help you heal from emotional pain, adopt a more positive or grateful mindset, or reduce asthma symptoms.